Install Guide



Do NOT turn on lights when rolled up, this is a major fire hazard.

Please make sure to test your lights on the ground before applying them to your wall.


STEP 2: Pre-Planning your set up

  • Be sure to measure the length of the area you want to set the lights on

STEP 3: Preparing a Clean Surface 

  • Properly use a rag or paper towel to clean off any dirt or dust in the area you'll be applying your LED lights onto. Doing this is absolutely necessary so the adhesive can stick & hold on strongly.  

 STEP 4: Revealing the Adhesive  

  • Gently peel back the plastic on the back of the LED strip to reveal the adhesive.
  • Only peel only about 2 inches ahead to make sure the rest of the LED strip doesn't catch debris, dust or dirt while applying.

STEP 5: Proper Installation

  • Start off by applying the beginning of the strip against the wall gently.
  • Try staying as close to the corner where the wall and ceiling meet to make sure the lights stay in a straight line when applying them horizontally or vertically.  
  • Ask a friend or family member to hold the other end of the lights and peel the plastic a bit at a time from the adhesive to help make this process easier.

STEP 6: Make them Stick 

  • Connect the Controller Receiver both have arrows at the connection point at each end.

STEP 7: Power up your lights

  • Properly Connect the Controller Receiver to your LED strip
  • LED Strip and Controller Receiver both have arrows at the connection point.
  • Connection should be snug 

STEP 7b: Power up your lights

  • Connect the AC adapter to the wall in a secure and safe environment
  • Make sure the AC adapter cable is securely connected on both ends

STEP 8: Final

  • Double check all connections and instructions
  • Press the power button your remote and you're good to go!