1.   Remote is not working

Check that battery is installed properly (remember your remote does not come with a battery due to international shipping restrictions).  Also, check the connections on the LED strip to be sure it is receiving power due to them being improperly connected (see #2 below).  It may not be the remote that is not working, but rather the LED strips are not receiving power.

2.    LED strips are not lighting

Be sure the IR Receiver and the LED strip connector are connected arrow-to-arrow.  There is an arrow on each piece, and these need to be aligned.
If you have connected multiple LED strips, you also need to be sure they are connected arrow-to-arrow.
Be sure the AC Adapter is plugged into the IR Receiver completely and snugly.
3.    I haven't received a shipping notice or tracking number
Please remember that processing the order required 1-3 Business days and then you will receive an email with your tracking number.  If you did not an email address when you placed your order, you can contact Customer Service and we will email you your tracking number.


4.    I checked my tracking number and it looks like my order isn't moving

Occasionally the tracking numbers will take a few days to update from the shipping company and it looks like your order is standing still.  Your order is moving through the shipping process, it is just the tracking number is not updating. Unfortunately we cannot control keeping these tracking numbers updated as we are not the shipping, but they always update eventually.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Customer Service and we will assist you in locating your order.