UltraBright LED-Strip (44 Buttons)
UltraBright LED-Strip (44 Buttons)
UltraBright LED-Strip (44 Buttons)
UltraBright LED-Strip (44 Buttons)
UltraBright LED-Strip (44 Buttons)
UltraBright LED-Strip (44 Buttons)
UltraBright LED-Strip (44 Buttons)
UltraBright LED-Strip (44 Buttons)
UltraBright LED-Strip (44 Buttons)

UltraBright LED-Strip (44 Buttons)

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Breathe new life into your room with the UltraBright LED-Strip!

Don’t just color your space, control it! This 44-button remote gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose from a variety of colors and program your own custom settings.

The UltraBright is easy to install on virtually any flat surface and it peels off cleanly without residue. Instantly create a colorful ambiance with the point-and-click wireless remote! 

✅44-button control remote 

Control multiple LED-strips at once with ONE remote!

✅Flexible peel-and-stick  installation

Cuttable strip: Choose your perfect strip length


Easily sticks to surfaces
: The UltraBright features a 3M ribbon adhesive backing that lets the LED-strip stick to virtually any surface and comes off clean if you want to put it on another wall. Our LEDs kit easily installs in less than 5 minutes.

Cuttable LED-strip: Easily cut the LED strip with designated cut marks every 3 LEDs. Use your scissors to cut the excess strip off and your LED strip will still be able to emit light and work properly.

Connect multiple strips: The LED strips connect quickly and easily to each other. Each strip features a connector on each end of the strip so you can connect as many as you want!

Free global shipping: We ship everywhere in the world for 100% FREE! No fees, and no surprises at checkout.  

5 Reasons to buy from StardustLEDs

  • Owned and operated in the United States
  • Influencer approved: StardustLEDs is trusted and promoted by our team of influencers across all platforms.
  • 5-star review guarantee: Quality is our #1 priority and we pride ourselves in customer care and your satisfaction.
  • Made per order and built to last: Each LED product is built by order to ensure you receive a brand new item in perfect condition.
  • Support you can trust: Contact us anytime 24/7 so that we can get questions answered, issues solved, and anything else you need to ensure you're a happy customer!

Shipping times 

United States FREE 7-14 business days
Canada  FREE 7-14 business days
Australia  FREE 7-14 business days
United Kingdom  FREE 7-20 business days
Sweden  FREE 7-23 business days
Rest of the world FREE 7-23 business days


FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES: Your LED-Strip will come with a power adapter that works with your countries power outlet type (US, UK, EU, and AU ONLY)


  • 2 ft. AC Power Adapter plug (US, EU, UK, And AU plugs) 
  • 44-button Remote
  • IR Receiver/LED-strip connector
  • LED-strip with 3M™ adhesive 

*does not include CR2032 battery for remote 


Ask a Question
  • Can I control multiple LED-strips with one remote?

    Yes, you can control multiple light strips with only one remote. So you an buy multiple strips and use one remote to synchronize them.

  • How do you use the DIY buttons?

    The DIY buttons are programmable for example, press the DIY 1 and then press the Three column up and down key to mix the three-primary colours RGB in order to get the color you like. If you like the color, you could press again the DIY1 to keep it.

  • Can you bend them or do a 90 degree angle?

    Yes, the LED strip is flexible and can bend beyond that too.

  • I don't know what size to get

    We recommend the 32ft(10m) for your room! We found through research that the average bedroom size in the United States is 11 feet by 12 feet and our 32ft(10m) is perfect for covering your walls!

  • Does this attach to walls

    Yes, The UltraBright has a powerful and flexible adhesive backing that sticks to nearly any home surface and does not leave a residue.

  • I don't live in the US will I get a power adapter for my country

    Yes, you will recieve a power adapter that works with your country as long as you live in the US, EU, UK, And AU.US,US, EU, UK, And AU plugs) EU, UK, And AU plugs)

  • Do the lights change colors like a \"disco mode\"?

    Yes, the UltraBright actually has a variety of color changing modes you can checkout in our demo video.

  • Can I cut these LEDs and will they still work?

    Yes, you can cut the LED strips every 3 LEDs and the LED strip will still work perfectly fine.

  • it is compatible with Alexa of amazon?

    Sorry, it is not.

  • Will a ultra bright led remote work for a super bright led light strip?

    No it will not.

  • How many batteries are needed for remote control

    Only one battery is needed.

  • are these waterproof?

    No, our LED strips are not weathergraded and are not waterproof.

  • why do my led strip not work? i got them in the mail today and it was a big dissapoinment when the remote stopped working. the light is stuck on green which i cant change and i cant turn them off using the remote. why is this

    Please try pressing the power button and then the "fade7" button repeatedly

  • How long is the adapter chord? Will I need to get an extension based on how long the Power adapter is?

    They are about 2 feet in length

  • what all does the led strip come with

    It comes with the LED-strip, AC adapter, IR receiver, Remote, and everything else in the photos. You will recieve everything needed to power up and use your LED strip.

  • Can you cut the to fit your room better?

    Yes! You can cut the LED-strip excess off so that you don't have left over LED-strip on your wall. The LED-strip will still work aslong as it has a power source.

  • Can you re-stick after using them for a while?

    You can re-stick the LED strip but it depends on how well cleaned your surface was before application and the texture of the surface. If you plan on re-sticking them please clean your surface thoroughly.

  • If you cut up one strip would you be able to light up both parts?

    Yes you can, you will just need another power source for the other piece

  • How do you synchronize multiple light strips with only one remote

    They automatically synchronize. If you press a button it will effect both of the strips automatically.

  • How do you synchronize multiple LED strips with one remote?

    They automatically synchronize, press a button and it will work on both LED strips instantly

  • How many batteries does it take for the 44 button remote

    It takes exactly one battery

  • Can you use the part of the strip you cut off or does it not work after you cut it

    You can still use the cut LED strip you will just need a power source

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